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Dealing With Clients Who Don’t Know Their Eyebrow Shape


Some clients who come to beauty professionals for services cannot look like they do in their imagination. I find that the magazines some of my clients read offer up an idea of beauty that simply does not fit the face of the person sitting in front of me.

How can a client shape her eyebrows like this…
when she has a different facial structure?







My colleagues in the beauty industry often ask me, “How do you deal with clients who demand you to shape their eyebrows in a way that does not fit their face?”

There are two options that a beauty professional has if she is unwilling to give her the wrong eyebrow shape:



1. Show them the light.

If I tell a client that the shape they want will not suit them, this means that I can already see the type of shape that will. In front of the mirror, I use a white pencil to lightly draw the correct shape and explain which beautiful parts of this shape extenuates.Having a dialogue and a visual for my clients helps make them part of the decision making process and helps to explain why certain things work for them and why others do not.

There is no one shape fits all when it comes to eyebrows, and my clients often appreciate the attention and the honesty.





2. Stick to beauty values.

The truth is that sometimes clients and I have differing opinions on beauty and all of my experience and guidance does not persuade them from wanting the thin, ugly shape they see on a Cover Girl ad for a little girl. When this happens stick to my beauty values.

I value true beauty that comes from perfectly shaped eyebrows to fit each clients unique facial structure and personality. I have been doing this for over 15 years and I trust my ability to recognize the potential for beauty in every face and the scientific way to shape eyebrows.

Besides that, 80% of my business comes from referrals and if I give a client a shape that does not fit her face, no matter how much she refers me, nobody will think I am any good if my client does not look good.



Varvara Shaping Eyebrows


Below, please find a video previewing Varvara doing what she does best – shaping eyebrows to perfection.

The model in this video is a long time client of Varvara’s, thus her eyebrows are not so bad to begin with. Here is a before picture:

Before Eyebrow Shaping – Notice that the left eyebrow (on picture) is slightly higher and thinner than the right one. No clear shape and bland looking brows.

Varvara uses French Lavender wax to excavate into the brows and draw out a beautiful shape that is symmetrical and scientifically appropriate for the face of the client. With swift, easy motions, the excess hair is gone – but not too much of it. There has to be a balance and fullness to the brows. It is dangerous to take too much hair off for fear of thin, brows.

Once the waxing is over, Varvara plucks remaining hairs to perfect the shape. Then, she applies a tint to the brows in order to make the girl’s blue eyes become more noticeable.

Here is the final product:

After: the eyebrows are evenly shapes, symmetrical and tinted a darker color to bring out the color of the eyes