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Threading vs. Waxing Eyebrows for Best Look


There has been an unofficial debate about what is “better,” eyebrow shaping through waxing or through threading. The answer is not that simple because the arguments for each side are numerous. Ultimately, there are drawbacks and benefits to each, however, waxing eyebrows proves to be a more sustainable and safe solution in the long run.

Many eyebrow threaders are unlicensed. First, it is difficult to find a location that incorporates threading into the cosmetology license tests because threading is an emerging beauty solution. Second, cosmetology licenses can run from as much as $5,000 to $12,000, making a large dent in the bank account of the person looking to get certified. For these reasons, MANY threaders practice sans license.

Over the past two years, the state-run boards of cosmetology in Texas and Arizona have been issuing cease and desist letters to eyebrow threaders who practice without a cosmetology license. “People practicing threading should be required to have a cosmetology license for the safety of the public,” notes Susan Stanford, public information officer for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, who says that poor sanitation, such as reusing threads on multiple customers, can spread staph infections and other contagious skin conditions. In Arizona, inspectors claim to have observed facial bleeding as a result of people’s skin getting pinched by the threads.

Don’t let this scare you because each beauty location is different, and most threading places pull out a brand new thread in front of costumers to assure them that it’s clean. But its not only threading that gets a bad rap, but eyebrow waxing as well because people worry about double dipping and the hot wax burning the skin. Like threading, you have to read reviews of waxing professionals who know what wax to use and how to work with clients who have sensitive skin.

People think of threading as a less painful alternative to eyebrow waxing – and that myth has to be confronted as well. This woman claims that she had irritation from threading, even an hour after her threading appointment. Click here to read about her experience. She writes:

The thread also broke several times, something that I’ve never witnessed before, which is fair enough, but when it broke the second time she accidentally slapped me in the face.

The bottom line is, you have to know who is doing your eyebrows, whether they are being threaded or waxed. Your eyebrows are not a joke. They directly control the structure of your face and can make or break your beautiful face. Waxing is the safer alternative because, according to statistics, there are more people with cosmetology licenses that wax eyebrows than people who thread. Even if you do not know a person, it is a safer bet to take a chance on someone with a license rather than someone who doesn’t have one. Did your threader learn from a professional or from a youtube tutorial? But remember to check online for reviews about your waxer or threader before going to your first appointment. Good luck!







Celebrity Eyebrow Report Card by VarvaraBrows™



Amber Heard
Camilla Belle
Kim Kardashian
Elizabeth Taylor
Natalie Portman
Ed Westwick

(1) This celebrity hottie is best known as a blonde, but this daring move to the dark side (or dark hair shade) give her eyebrows a more definitive look. They are clean, angled at the right place, and sophisticated.




(2) If you were to draw a cartoon picture of Camilla Belle, one of her best features that you would emphasize would be her appropriately thick, dark eyebrows. There’s a reason her last name is “Belle.”



(3) Although Kim Kardashian is best known for her large behind, it is her fantastic eyebrow shape that catches our attention. Flawless, dark brows shape her face, making her look extremely attractive.




(4) When you think of beauty,  you think of Elizabeth Taylor. This classic superstar is responsible for beauty movements beginning in the 1950s. If only these days girls who choose to pluck their brows to a thin strip would take some advice from Miss Taylor – that, in some cases, thicker and darker is better.




(5) Let’s face it, Natalie Portman is as close to a Goddess as most celebrities get. This Harvard grad knows that the route to a classy eyebrow shape is doing what is best for your particular face structure. Notice that she doesn’t have dramatic arches and that suits her just fine.





(6) Ed Westwick. Enough said.








Pamela Anderson


(1) Pam’s eyebrows are everything that’s wrong with people thinking that eyebrows should be straight lines. They are shapeless and extremely thin – in other words, her eyebrows are anorexic.








(2) Not only are Ciara’s eyebrows too thin for her face in this picture but the arch of her left eyebrow is much higher than the one on her right. Someone needs help with balance.






Carrot Top


(3) Besides the fact that Carrot Top looks like he has had a dangerous face lift, he also looks like he is about to eat a baby. He needs some serious eyebrow shaping help.





Kristen Stewart

(4) Kristen’s flat, uneven brows do nothing for her pretty, oval face. She needs to grow them out and come to Varvara for an eyebrow shaping appointment.





Christina Aguilera


(5) Christina has Pamela Anderson eyebrow syndrom. Maybe the two of them go to the same inexperienced eyebrow shaper – or better yet, they probably shape each other’s brows whenever they hang out. Please stop.






Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo


(6) Frida is a victim of the unibrow. There’s a beautiful eyebrow shape that lies underneath the bush of hair, but at least she has something Varvara could work with.